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With the newest technology and organic ingredients from Switzerland, France and Germany, Juventud provides a more youthful appearance to your face, neck and bust. Recommended for use of 30 years to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles with immediate and lasting effects. Juventud contains collagen and acts as an alternative to Botox injections. For maximum results, we recommend applying ESB Sunscreen Lotion after Juventud.

• Reduces up to 74% of fine wrinkles in less than 48 hours
• Refines and perfects the curves of the face, giving it volume and firmness
• Fill the dermis to help eliminate wrinkles, cracks or pores leaving an elegant and silky texture
• Provides a radiant and healthy bust; lift and increase up to one size!

Med Spa by Nelida Nieto

Med Spa at Doral in Miami is committed to delivering wellness, anti-aging treatments, facials, body treatments, skin care, with the latest anti-aging technology, in an environment that delights all the senses. 


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When things get stressful and hectic, it's important to take a little time for yourself to rest and relax. Leave the day-to-day grind behind and enjoy a few relaxing hours being pampered at Med Spa at Doral. Learn about our wide range of products and services for total wellness of body and soul! Let us pamper you.


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ESB Hair Pro Treatment

•Nuestro exclusivo kit anti edad para el cabello ESB HAIR PRO, ha sido desarrollado científicamente utilizando los últimos avances tecnológicos en cosmetología capilar provenientes de los más famosos laboratorios Europeos.


•VECOREXIN: Nutre, regenera, rejuvenece suaviza.
•ACEITE DE ARGAN: Antioxidante, reparador, protector.


•QUERATINA: Proporciona sedosidad, hidratacion, brillo.


•PANTENOL: Da docilidad, protege del secador y la plancha.

BENEFItS of the HAIR PRO treatment


Ò-Previene la caída del cabello
Ò-Acción antitermal
Ò-Protección del color
Ò-Repara el cabello seco o dañado
Ò-Aumenta el brillo
Ò-Facilita el peinado
Ò-Fortalece la cutícula
Ò-Protege contra los rayos solares UV

Libre de Sulfatos

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From the classic beauty treatment to the latest Anti-Aging technology available: Learn all about our Facial and Body Treatments, beauty care products and the Latest in Technology, get rid of celullite, loose weigh etc. 




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